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We have been taught by the marketers that we are not smart enough to take care of our bodies and make a good whole food meal from scratch. That you constantly need boxed meals and fast food restuarants to get a good quick meal into yourself and your family.I will teach you how to put a great, tasty meal on the table equipped with a balance of nutritional support that will not mess with blood sugar levels, cause weight gain, hyper-activity or brain fog! 

stop talkin


We have all been guilty of saying when this or that happens I will start....

Lets "just do it" as Nike states! No better day than today to take the reins back and regain the ground we have lost through improper thinking and habits!

Eating right is easy when you are equipped with the tools and techniques that put you in control in the kitchen. It is best to keep a balance of whole foods in your daily menus instead of following all the crazy fad diets that not only do not work but put you further from the goal than when you began!!!

We have to take into account that we are living in a time with way to many chemicals, colorings and additives in our foods. Using my book to guide, you to navigate the grocery store, learn how to shop and prepare delicious and nutritious meals in a snap.

It is beneficial for you and your family to also find good whole food supplements to fill in any gaps from your diet, due to the fact that if we are not picking the produce fresh we may not be getting all of the necessary vitamins and minerals that should be provided by our food. See my supplement page for some of the best supplements available and recieve 25% off by using my provider discount!!


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Your Greatest Self.


As you take time to be still and hear the direction your life needs to take, not always living in the survival mode, you will be better equipped to make life decisions that will give a peace and calm to your home!

It is said that life is 10% circumstances and 90% of how we react to them! Find a balance by hearing how others handle life's curves... http://aquietplaceofgrace.org/


Shannon Gallatin reminds us that struggles are temporary, but how we handle them is eternal!




The bottom line is, only you can make the changes in these areas of your life...

Do not be intimidated by that, instead embrace and own the fact that your new and improved choices will make the difference you have always dreamed of!!


So the clay detox has gone well, it literally cleared up most of the acne, which was nice! When I keep consistent with regiment and schedule,  feel great!



Sherri Watters-Siena, CNC



Thank you so much for  the healthy chocolate chip cookie recipe and especially for the talk on Wednesday. The group and I really thought it was very helpful and well done.

Great information!


Denise Mecca, RN, BSN





Dear Sherri,

"What will I do about how miserable I feel." Before Saturday's workshop this question rebounded around my heart and mind. God sent me to you, to your wisdom, and my heart is doing the "happy dance". Thank you for your kindness, generosity, and willingness to share and to listen!




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